Check Out These Cool JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK Posters From Gallery 1988

Kicking all the asses, even in poster form.

A new Jack Reacher movie is about to hit us like a fist where each finger is actually another fist. That’s like six fists. All up in your face. Some folks just can’t handle it.

But I can, and if you’re here I imagine you can too. In honor of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’s impending arrival, we’ve been given the opportunity to debut two special Jack Reacher posters from Gallery 1988. Check them out below:

I think the theme of these posters is clear. Whether eating at an iconic restaurant or just going for a stroll, Jack Reacher leaves a pile of crumpled bodies behind him wherever he goes. You think people would stop trying to fight him, but that is his curse.

Our Never Go Back review goes up later this week. Keep your eyes peeled. I’ve been hearing good things.