This should help tide you over while you wait for the new show to arrive.

Consider this more a public service than news, but Mark Frost’s new book The Secret History of Twin Peaks is now out and available for purchase. For those who simply cannot wait for Twin Peaks’ new season to hit Showtime, this might help tide you over.

The Secret History of Twin Peaks is no mere side-book. Through documents and footnotes and all kind of crazy fake sources, it tells the history of our favorite little logging town all the way to the end of the series. It’s the kind of document fans can really get lost in, especially after so many years of Twin Peaks silence.

Not only that, but the audiobook (which I just downloaded) is read by classic Peaks actors Kyle MacLachlan, Russ Tamblyn, Michael Horse, Chris Mulkey, and David Patrick Kelly, along with new Peaks actors Amy Shiels, James Morrison, and Robert Knepper. The physical book sounds like it’s filled with all kind of visual treats, but I’m going audiobook all the way.

This sounds like a commercial, but I’m just super excited. Maybe waking up to this Twin Peaks video from Showtime contributed to that (TRIGGER WARNING - this video does feature Jim Belushi):

What a great time to be a Twin Peaks fan! Meredith, Scott and I are all dedicating the next week of our lives to this book and will come back next Wednesday with a roundtable review of what we found within. Stay tuned!