And Now We’re Getting A WILLY WONKA Prequel

Come with me / And you'll be / In a world of no imagination.

According to a report at Variety, producer David Heyman and the good folks at Warner Bros. have snapped up the rights to the Roald Dahl Estate's Willy Wonka IP, and are now actively threatening to make a new Willy Wonka movie. All signs point to this being a credible threat.

But, wait, it gets worse:

Sources reveal that the film will not be an origin tale, but a standalone movie focused on Wonka and his early adventures. It’s unknown who from the original book series, other than Wonka, will be involved in the project. If the reboot is a hit, it seems likely that characters like Charlie could be seen in future installments of a possible franchise.

So, not only another Willy Wonka movie, but a Willy Wonka prequel, one which will delve explicitly into the character's past adventures and thus undermine the delightful sense of mystery which was always intended to surround the character? Sure, guys, sounds sweet (Ha ha! Get it? "Sweet"! As in candy, or the sweet embrace of death).

The script will be written by The Secret Life Of Pets' Simon Rich. No director is yet attached, but it's probably safe to assume that Tim Burton's phone is not ringing today.

Stay tuned for more on this hilariously ill-advised project as it becomes available.