Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lizzy Caplan On The Shortlist To Play Domino In DEADPOOL 2

All told, this is a great shortlist.

Our friend over at Collider have an interesting scoop today: the shortlist of actresses being considered for the role of Domino in Deadpool 2.

And y'know what? It's a great list! The names are as follows:

  • Lizzy Caplan
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead 
  • Sienna Miller 
  • Sofia Boutella 
  • Stephanie Sigman
  • Sylvia Hoeks

Collider goes on to say that all six of these actresses have either already tested or will test for the role, though they also say that other candidates might also be considered. Could be anyone, in other words, but in all likelihood it'll be one of these talented ladies. 

For those of you who remain unfamiliar with the character: Domino is a mercenary with a strange telekinetic ability which allows her to change the odds of any situation to her favor. She's strong, sassy, and apparently has strong ties to Cable, another character who will allegedly appear in Tim Miller's sequel.

Head on over to Collider to read more of their thoughts on the situation, or just hit the comments below to cast your vote from the names above (as per usual, Lizzy Caplan gets my vote).