Check Out The Creepy First Trailer For Gore Verbinski’s THE CURE FOR WELLNESS

Where the hell did THIS movie come from?

Please stand by for the first trailer for Gore Verbinski's The Cure For Wellness, which I'm guessing a number of you didn't even realize was headed our way until ... well, until right now. 

You're about to pleasantly surprised.

Here's something you might not know about me: I fucking love Gore Verbinski. Sure, The Lone Ranger was a massive swing and a miss (minus that final act), but how about that first Pirates Of The Caribbean? The Ring? Rango? Hell, I'll gladly go to the mat for Mousehunt (yeah, I said it). I submit to you that we, as a filmloving community, do not express enough love for Verbinski's style, which has always been gorgeous and weird and beautiful. 

All of that said, I do not think you need to love Gore Verbinski to enjoy this trailer, which looks chilly and compellingly freaky. I'm not wild about the inclusion of Dane DeHaan or that truly bizarro, slowed-down Ramones cover, but everything else on display here works like gangbusters for me. 

No idea what The Cure For Wellness is about, but you can bet your ass I'll be keeping tabs on this one moving forward, and will keep you informed. 

(Side note: The Cure For Wellness opens on February 17th, the same day Sony's putting The Dark Tower in theaters. That's gonna be an interesting weekend.)