Daniel Radcliffe Will Headline New Action-Thriller BEAST OF BURDEN

In which Daniel Radcliffe becomes a drug smuggler.

Those of you who saw this year's Swiss Army Man (and you should have) already know what a gifted physical actor Daniel Radcliffe is. You may have even thought to yourself, "Y'know, this dude's probably got the chops to pull off an action-thriller role, perhaps even a straight-up action role." 

I tend to agree, and that theory will be put to the test in Jesper Ganslandt's Beast Of Burden. Says The Hollywood Reporter:

Daniel Radcliffe will star in indie Beast of Burden, playing a drug-smuggling pilot.

Swedish filmmaker Jesper Ganslandt will make his English language debut with the action-thriller. With a script by Adam Hoelzel, Beast of Burden centers on a pilot (Radcliffe) running drugs across the boarder who must navigate the DEA, the Cartel and others over the course of a day.

That sounds like it could be pretty cool! It also sounds - after the skinhead drama Imperium, the dead-body comedy Swiss Army Man, and the horror-comedy Horns - like another in a long line of roles wherein Daniel Radcliffe is allowed to go dark. It seems to have become something of a guiding principle for the actor over the past few years, and so far the results have been fantastic. We're fully onboard this stage of Radcliffe's career.

No word on when Beast Of Burden will go in front of cameras, but we'll let ya know when it does. Stay tuned.