The American Genre Film Archive And Something Weird Team Up To Release THE ZODIAC KILLER

This is awesome news.

Here's an exciting announcement: the Alamo Drafthouse's American Genre Film Archive is partnering up with the good folks at Something Weird to release a slew of exciting, newly-restored titles from the Something Weird library ... and they're bringing along Tom Hanson's notorious 1971 bug-nuts masterpiece, The Zodiac Killer

Here's the announcement, straight from the AGFA:

(Austin, TX | October 20, 2016) – Alamo Drafthouse’s American Genre Film Archive, the largest non-profit genre film archive in the world, is excited to announce its initial slate of theatrical and home video releases in collaboration with Seattle's Something Weird. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, AGFA purchased a 4K film scanner to create new digital transfers of titles from the Something Weird library. AGFA will begin distributing their new transfers theatrically and on home video in the summer of 2017.

Each home video release will feature the main title, a "b-side" bonus feature, plus trailers and shorts from the Something Weird archive. Select releases will also include interviews and commentary tracks with Something Weird’s Lisa Petrucci, filmmaker Frank Henenlotter (BASKET CASE, FRANKENHOOKER), filmmakers involved with the movies, and more surprises along the way.

Founded by Mike Vraney in 1990, Something Weird is dedicated to unearthing and preserving the most radically insane exploitation and horror movies of all time.  Vraney, who passed away in 2014 after a heroic battle with lung cancer he was dubbed "the forty-first thief," by legendary exploitation warlock David F. Friedman, the ultimate compliment for the iconic exploiteer. Following his passing, AGFA has partnered with Something Weird’s Lisa Petrucci, Vraney’s widow and partner, to redistribute titles from the massive 35mm film collection furthering Vraney's life work.

"Our mission hasn't changed, it has evolved," says AGFA Director Joe Ziemba, "AGFA will always be dedicated to preserving and sharing 35mm film prints. But by scanning these fragile elements and distributing them as new digital transfers, we are making the movies even more accessible than ever. At the same time, we are helping Lisa Petrucci of Something Weird ensure that Mike Vraney's legacy will continue to grow."

And here's a bit more on the first wave of films headed our way:


Made in hopes of capturing the real-life Zodiac Killer, but the plan didn’t work. Instead, we got the most outrageous and compelling "tabloid horror" vortex in the history of the universe. Paired with ANOTHER SON OF SAM, a lo-fi proto-slasher that has nothing to do with Son of Sam, let alone another Son of Sam.


If FRANKENSTEIN was re-imagined by Kenneth Anger as a softcore body-horror epic with a monster who plays guitar, it still wouldn't be as wild as this legendary Argentinian mind-melter. Paired with ROOM OF CHAINS, a sick-o-delic black mass perversion party from the foothills of France.


This is an After School Special gone bad about a teenager's slow descent into weed-fueled mania. FYI, this was the first -- and last -- movie made to play exclusively at Jerry Lewis's chain of theaters in the 1970s. Paired with THE DEVIL’S JOINT, a bizarro anti-weed documentary that was definitely made by art school drop-outs.


A gender-bending NYC smut-opera and accidental masterpiece, and also the greatest film from infamous no-budget wildman Andy Milligan. Paired with GURU, THE MAD MONK, Milligan's unhinged, DARK SHADOWS-inspired gore opera.


Unseen and unbelievable cinéma vérité exposé on Anton LaVey, America's favorite leader of the Church of Satan. Paired with VOODOO BLACK EXORCIST, a grunge-horror mind-blast from Spain that is as good as it sounds.


The greatest girl gang sexploitation gutter-epic that John Waters never made. Filmed in Texas, where life is cheap! Paired with HOTTER AFTER DARK, a gutter-noir private eye sex-party that was filmed in Florida, where life is cheaper!

Those of you who were lucky enough to catch The Zodiac Killer at this year's Fantastic Fest know this is something worth getting excited about, and we're pumped to see these other newly-restored bizarro titles get the attention they so richly deserve (as you know,the Birth.Movies.Death. team is firmly pro-weirdness, so the Something Weird folks are definitely some of our favorite people). 

Stay tuned for more on the AFGA/Something Weird partnership in the months ahead! We're expecting great things from these guys, and you should, too.