MondoCon 2016: Here’s The Winning Response To Our Daniel Danger Spirit Board Contest

As chosen by Daniel Danger.

At the end of last week, we unveiled the Daniel Danger Spirit Board set, which will hit MondoCon 2016 tomorrow afternoon (you guys are coming to MondoCon 2016, yes?). Attached to that reveal was a contest: tell us your weirdest Ouija Board-related story, impress Daniel Danger, win a Spirit Board set. Easy peasy.

Competition was fierce - this contest generated a number of interesting responses - but this morning Danger made his final selection.

Here it is: the winning entry, from Disqus user and Birth.Movies.Death. reader "MikeBlacklist":

My friend Natalie's birthday is on Halloween and in junior high she threw a party. I bought a Ouija Board for our group of friends to play with during the party. Little did I know that her parents, very devout Catholics, would be at the party as well.

That night, after being chastised by both his and Natalie's parents over his poor judgment a young boy, dressed as the X-Men's Bishop, had to walk all the way back to K Mart to return the Ouija Board and bring back a copy of Guess Who that no one even played because by that time the party was in full swing.

Some say that to this day you might catch a glimpse of that boy in the K Mart board game aisle, mascara M-tattoo running down his face, moaning "what a shitty Halloween this turned out to be".

And here's Danger with a word on how he came to choose Mike's entry:

I picked Mike's story because it's sort of the exact kind of absurd interstitial of suburban America I just happen to love. Some bizarre little moment that will never repeat.

Like I said, everyone has a memory tied to Ouija boards, and they're not all scary spooky unexplained things. Sometimes you're just an embarassed kid and that embarrassment is tied to an object.

I dressed as The Crow once and unknowingly went to a Jr. High Halloween party and immediately felt stupid, so I get it. 

So, congratulations, Mike! You've won yourself a Daniel Danger Spirit Board set, which Danger himself will ship off to you once the madness of MondoCon 2016 has died down. To everyone else: if you want one of these sets, you'll need to be at MondoCon to pick up your own (as previously reported, a slightly different edition will be made available online at some point in the future; keep that in mind if you can't be in Austin, TX this weekend). Those'll be available at Danger's MondoCon booth, starting tomorrow afternoon. 

Thanks to everyone who entered! We had fun with this one!

Oh, and Mike: drop Danger a line via Twitter to claim your prize.