No DEADPOOL 2 For Director Tim Miller

So who will they get as a replacement?

Trouble is brewing over in Deadpool 2’s neighborhood. According to Deadline, director Tim Miller has left the film over creative differences. Apparently no one is making a dramatic huff about it, and everyone gets to remain pals, but one of the first movie’s principal players won’t have a hand in part two.

This opens the floor to all kind of irresponsible debate! Why did he leave? Who will they replace him with? Will this mean the tone people loved from the first film will be gone? Will the new director be smart enough to cast Sam Saathoff as Cable or what?

You can at least try to answer all those questions and more in the comments below as we wait to see how all this shakes out. A lot of people put the success of Deadpool squarely on Ryan Reynolds’ shoulders, but Miller was a pretty big part of it as well. Hopefully this is just a speed bump for the film, and not the first ingredient in a classic Hollywood poo stew. You see, “poo stew” rhymes.