Jeff Nichols Says His ALIEN NATION Remake Is Not A Remake

We're in either way, but this is interesting news.

In a new interview with our friends at ScreenCrush, director Jeff Nichols sets the record straight on his recently-announced Alien Nation remake ... namely, that it won't be a remake at all. 

Says Nichols:

“It’s pretty much my idea. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the original.

"Fox called to ask me to do (a remake). I said, ‘No.’ But I had been working on this bigger idea of my own and then I thought about it said, well you know, that’s a good title. And that title could go on to my bigger idea, then maybe I might actually get a chance to get it made. So in that sense I’m currently building it the same way I built all my other movies, meaning kind of from the ground up."

Nichols doesn't exactly clarify what that "bigger idea" might be, but he does sort of infer that his take on the material will take place much earlier than the version we got in the 1988 original. 

"With Alien Nation you’re looking at a society that was already built, they were already integrated into the society. And if you go back further and you think about those early days, that’s what I was focusing on."

To me that sounds like Nichols' version will deal more with the initial arrival of the aliens, versus the original's approach, which focused on the world one year after the aliens have uneasily integrated themselves with our society. I can dig that angle, and I certainly like the idea of Nichols putting his own stamp on this material. 

Speaking of which, when asked if Michael Shannon will appear in Alien Nation, Nichols says "Gosh, I hope so."

So say we all, Jeff Nichols. So say we all.