SPOILERS: Michael Fassbender Reveals The Name Of ALIEN: COVENANT’s Xenomorphs

And an ALIEN fansite reveals even more.

Warning: this post may contain spoilers, and should also be read with the requisite grain of salt.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 2's Mark Goodier, Michael Fassbender apparently slipped up and revealed the working name for the new Xenomorphs in Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant.

You ready for this? They're calling them "Neomorphs".

That's a solid name, but it also doesn't tell us much about what these new creatures might look like. For that, you'll wanna listen to the folks over at AVP Galaxy, who are confirming a whole bunch of previously unknown stuff (some of it very detailed) about the plot of Alien: Covenant and its fancy new monster. Stuff like...

These (Neomorphs) are the result of the local ecosystem being mutated by the accelerant/black goo. Over time, pods started to grow on the trees and the ground, and release a spore when disturbed.


These spores infect several members of the Covenant crew by entering the body through the ear and nostrils. The spores cause the growth of the Neomorphs inside the infected hosts – something that is reminiscent of William Gibson’s first draft of Alien 3. One of the Neomorphs bursts from the back of one of the infected crew, a “backburster”. The other crewmember’s Neomorph erupts through their throat.


The births are preceded by the eruption of two small dorsal spikes. These spikes and a pointed skull are also used to break out of an embryonic sack (similar to the Deacon in Prometheus). The Neomorph resembles some of the older concept art of the proto-Aliens from Prometheus (see below), specifically the white colouration, with a pointed head and two dorsal spines. Upon birth, the Neomorphs move on all fours similar to the Bambi-burster from Alien 3.

This is, quite frankly, quite a bit of extremely detailed information to be confirming on the back of Fassbender revealing the "Neomorph" name (and that's not even all of it; they've got even more plot details over there, if you're curious). My feeling is that the folks over at AVP Galaxy tend to know their stuff - they are, as far as I can recall, generally reliable when it comes to this sort of thing - but I admit to being curious as to how many sources confirmed this information.

What we're saying here is: all of this sounds totally feasible (it does, in fact, sound quite awesome), but there's no telling if it's 100% legit. If nothing else, it's a fun concept to kick around, and you should all feel free to do that in the comments below. We'll find out how legit this report is when Alien: Covenant lands in theaters on August 4th, 2017.