Here’s An Exceptionally Weird Trailer For The Shia LaBeouf Thriller MAN DOWN

See if you can make sense of this.

Here's a fun exercise: watch this trailer for Dito Montiel's Man Down, then guess what it's about. 

OK, pencils down.

Did you guess that Man Down is drama-thriller about a solider haunted by the horrors he experienced while deployed in the Middle East? Or did you guess that Man Down is a fantasy-drama wherein Shia LaBeouf must track down his missing (or is it kidnapped?) family in a post-apocalyptic America? If you guessed the latter, congratulations: you must have been tipped off to the official logline for Man Down. The rest of us thought it was the former.

What a weird trailer this is. The music choice is bizarre, the stretch there in the middle with no dialogue makes it feel like a temp edit, and Jai Courtney may or may not be a ghost. I do not like this trailer and do not expect to be in any rush to see the resulting film, but you kinda have to respect how strange it all is. 

Man Down opens December 2nd. You guys gonna check it out or what?