PSA: The MAD MAX: FURY ROAD: BLACK & CHROME Edition Is Now Streaming On Amazon

You know what to do.

Hey, guess what?

The Mad Max: Fury Road: Black & Chrome edition is now streaming over on Amazon. You can rent the HD version for $6 or buy it for $20, though I have to assume this is the kind of thing you'll want the physical release for (I know I do). 

As we learned recently, director George Miller believes the Black & Chrome cut is the "best version" of Mad Max: Fury Road, the one he may've wanted to make all along. I've not seen this new cut, so I'm not prepared to agree or disagree with that, but experience tells me that it's generally best to agree with whatever George Miller is saying at any given time. If he says this is the best possible version of Mad Max: Fury Road, I'm prepared to believe him.

Anyway, here's a comparison video showing off the difference between the standard cut of the film and the Black & Chrome version. 

Head to the link below to rent (or buy!) the Mad Max: Fury Road: Black & Chrome edition. Your eyeballs - and whoever you're watching TV with tonight - will thank you for it.