The GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE Trailer Has Everything

Literally everything you could ever want out of Stars Hollow.

Guys. GUYS. The full trailer for Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life, is here. Let's watch it over a cup of coffee as the season changes outside our window! 

Oh man, there is a LOT to discuss here. Let's dive in. 

1) The trailer opens with a classic Lorelai and Rory discussion of the trash they consumed in their mouths and on their TVs the previous night. And then there's Luke, in their kitchen, scolding them for craving tater tots, tacos and mini-donuts all at once. Vintage Luke!

2) Emily's wall-sized Richard portrait made me both laugh and cry. None of us will be able to handle his funeral. You're aware of that, right? 

3) Emily taking on the KonMari method is perfect television


5) We get a more solid idea of what's going on with Rory here. Her most recent professional gig has lapsed and she's taking a rootless year to travel the world, revisit her old stomping grounds at Chilton and run into every single one of her ex-boyfriends. They all lookin' fine.

6) Lorelai's in therapy, and possibly not happy with Luke? I'm not trying to hear that, so let's move on. 

7) Town meeting! Taylor Doose! 

8) Michel! SOOKIE!

9) Lane! PARIS!

10) MINI-PIG!!!!

Whew. Aren't you glad you have me here to offer this sort of scintillating examination of the marketing material we've been provided? 

Seriously, this trailer offers the exact tone and spirit Gilmore Girls fans have been craving. It's that unique balance of whimsy and snark that only Amy Sherman-Palladino can nail, and that Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and Kelly Bishop have perfected. Everything feels right here, natural and authentic and not at all forced. November 25th can't get here fast enough.