M. Night Shyamalan’s SPLIT Gets A Somewhat Spoilery New Trailer

Look, just take our word for it and see this movie.

My fair warning to you: the Split trailer below is a little too spoilery for its own good.

It doesn't give away the film's best surprise, and it doesn't come right out and explicitly ruin anything from the film's final act ... but it brushes right up against doing so, enough that I'm sort of inclined to just say: the Birth.Movies.Death. team really enjoyed this movie at Fantastic Fest, and if I had my druthers you'd just go and see it based on that recommendation alone. 

But, hey, it's your click.

We're going to have much to talk about once Split arrives, believe you me, but one thing we can talk about right now is how amazing James McAvoy is in the movie. In the post-screening Q&A at Fantastic Fest, Shyamalan told us that McAvoy really just went for it, fearlessly diving into the role, and that is absolutely not just praise coming from the home team. This is easily McAvoy's most entertaining performance. I honestly think you guys are gonna be stunned. 

As for the rest of Split: the less said, the better. But do yourselves a favor: see this movie when it opens on January 20th. Especially if you're an M. Night fan.