We Now Know When TOY STORY 4 And THE INCREDIBLES 2 Will Arrive

2019 and 2018, respectively. If you want specifics you gotta click through.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit, Pixar has slapped shiny new release dates on two of its upcoming sequels. 

Yes, The Incredibles 2 (perhaps the most highly-demanded sequel Pixar has yet to get around to) will arrive in the summer of 2018, while Toy Story 4 (perhaps the least-necessary sequel Pixar has ever mounted, outside of Cars 9: Citizens On Patrol) will land in theaters almost exactly one year later, in 2019. 

According to the current listings over at Movie Insider, this means that The Incredibles 2 is basically swapping places with Toy Story 4. The former gets the latter's original slot, and puts Incredibles 2 in direct competition with Jurassic World 2 (which opens just one week later), while the latter gets the former's slot and gives Toy Story 4 only a week in theaters before it runs into ... Transformers 7?

Transformers 7, did you say? Jesus wept. 

Anyway, please update your Pixar calendars accordingly.