Birth.Movies.Giveaway: Win A BAD MOMS Blu-Ray Bundle

Add some great movies to your collection.

This year’s Bad Moms hits Blu-ray November 1. You could pay for it like everyone else. Or you could enter this contest and get it for free.

Not only that, but we are giving away copies of Sisters and Bridesmaids along with. That’s three Blus for the price of one smartass email to yours truly. A bargain!

All you have to do is email me ([email protected]) with BAD in the subject line and tell me what your favorite “bad” movie is. Not like a low-quality movie, but a movie about what we in this society call bad folks. Even though none of us should judge, really.

I will pick a winner tomorrow. Make sure you include your name and address, so we can get you your prize. Sadly, this contest is for non-international readers only.