Even My Dad Might Direct DEADPOOL 2

Names just keep dropping for the comic book sequel!

Things have been a little bit crazy since Tim Miller dropped out of directing Deadpool 2 over creative differences. So far we’ve heard John Wick co-director David Leitch could take over the film. But then a bit later, Drew Goddard’s name went into the hat. Meanwhile, the “I Believe I Can Fly” constituency wants to throw Quentin Tarantino into the mix, burning off one of his few remaining films with pegging mutant burn victims.

But the Deadpool 2 story is not yet done being crazy. Now even my dad, Sam Saathoff, is apparently in the running. From what I understand, he just received a very important phone call from the studio. 

My sources claim the callers wanted to ask him something but took too long getting to the point, so he hung up. My sources asked if he thought they might have been the producers of Deadpool 2. He played coy: “What the hell is that?” As my sources explained, he grew bored and hung up. My sources called back, prompting an immediate “Yes, Evan, damn! It was whatever you just said. Judge Judy is on,” and then hung up again.

So there you have it. The Deadpool camp has grown so desperate they are now calling amateur bee-keepers, practically begging them to direct the film. On the plus side, this guy co-directed me, and I turned out okay.