JOHN WICK Director David Leitch May Direct DEADPOOL 2

Yes, please.

When Tim Miller stepped down as the director of Deadpool 2 the other day, it set off something of a social media frenzy, with everyone and their uncle weighing in on who they'd like to see take over for him. Most of these suggestions where wholly unrealistic (the whole thing reached a fever pitch around about the time someone launched a petition demanding that Quentin Tarantino, of all people, take the job), but, hey, it was something fun to do on Twitter for a few hours.

Well, it's just days later, and it may already be time to shut that game down for good: in an exclusive report posted late last night, Mashable says that John Wick director David Leitch is the frontrunner for the job. 

Mashable claims they've verified the story through multiple unnamed sources, and points out that Leitch has something of a history with the people involved with Deadpool 2:

Leitch has history with all of the parties involved, including Reynolds, as he was the action coordinator on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which introduced the actor as Wade Wilson. And John Wick, the Keanu Reeves 2014 cult hit, was extraordinarily popular with the genre crowd that is the foundation of Deadpool's fan base.

Leitch ... has also worked with Fox and Marvel before, performing stunts for BladeDaredevil and Fight Club, one of several films in which he was Brad Pitt’s stunt double.

Before we get to the part where we celebrate this pairing, I'd like to take just a moment to point out how weird it is that a guy who once served as Brad Pitt's stunt double on Fight Club went on to direct John Wick. What a delightfully weird detail!

Anyway, yes: if this is where Deadpool 2's headed, we're totally onboard. In addition to what Mashable's pointed out above, I would also point out that Leitch has the chops to turn in a visually dazzling and highly kinetic Deadpool sequel - anyone who's seen John Wick can tell you that - and he'll probably be able to make it happen within the kind of budget Fox, Reynolds and company want to work with. 

What do you guys think? Into this? Not so much? Did you really think Tarantino was gonna take this job? Come on, brah.