New ARRIVAL Trailer Cuts Right To The Heart Of Denis Villeneuve’s Film

This is pretty clever. Also: no spoilers.

One of the many, many things we can look forward to discussing after Arrival opens on November 11th is the film's treatment of language and culture. Specifically, how we communicate the building blocks of those things when we meet others with no frame of reference. Denis Villeneuve's film is a powerhouse for any number of reasons, but this central conceit is one of its most compelling.

This newly-released ad for Arrival (I guess it's a trailer? Kind of?) cuts right to the heart of the matter, and does so in a very effective way. See what you think. 

A touch emotionally manipulative perhaps, but a very well-done version of blatant emotional manipulation. And, having seen the film, I can assure you the humanity and emotion on display here are earned.

Team BMD is very, very fond of Arrival, and we can't wait to discuss it more after you've all seen it on November 11th. Stay tuned.