Happy Halloween: The Overlook Film Festival Is Waiting For You

And it's always been here. (No, just kidding, this is the first year.)

photo by Jack Plunkett

Today brings forth a glorious Halloween offering: the announcement of The Overlook Film Festival, a new experiential horror fest held at Timberline Lodge, the sprawling estate in Mt. Hood, Oregon, used as the external setting for The Shining's Overlook Hotel. The four-day festival will kick off on April 27.

If this sounds a bit familiar, that's because The Overlook is organized by Landon Zakheim and Michael Lerman, former director and programmer of the late Stanley Film Festival. Attending The Stanley Film Festival was an extraordinary experience, one I've been chasing ever since (read our coverage here), and The Overlook looks to be an even bigger deal.

The festival will feature new and repertory horror programming, interactive fun, a live, brand-new version of the terrific Tales from Beyond the Pale radio show by Glass Eye Pix, and a two-day immersive game from Bottleneck Immersive, the geniuses behind Fantastic Fest's recent Satanic Panic Escape Room

There are more Fantastic Fest ties here: the Overlook's advisory board is made up of Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League and Fantastic Fest director Kristen Bell, as well as Elijah Wood and the rest of SpectreVision, Joe Dante, Stuart Gordon, Sundance programming director Trevor Groth, Blumhouse's Ryan Turek, Mick Garris, Leigh Whannell and more.

I've been to the Timberline Lodge before, and it's a pretty awe-inspiring place to hold a horror festival. Zakheim said of it, "We’re so grateful to the Timberline Lodge for providing such a gorgeous, iconic venue in the beautiful location of Mt. Hood, Oregon, where our unique, experiential celebration of all things genre can thrive." Lerman added, "It's a truly inspiring time for horror cinema. Our jam-packed program of festival favorites, fresh discoveries and bona fide classics from features to shorts to live events will be presented in the one-of-a-kind atmosphere we've built through our various other genre projects. We really can't wait to announce our lineup next year."

Horror nerds, shore up your travel budget and mark your calendar. This is going to be an unforgettable event, one that you will read about, covet wildly and then curse yourself for not attending. Do not, under any circumstances, miss it.

Get badges and more info at the Overlook Film Festival website.