Josh Trank Is Back, And He’s Bringing Tom Hardy With Him As Al Capone

Just think of the voice he’ll use in this one.

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four debacle put the director down for a while, but he’s not all the way out. According to Deadline, the director will return with a movie about Al Capone starring Tom Hardy.

That’s a pretty strong platform for a return. And given that Trank has only directed superhero movies so far, this also marks a real departure for him, unless Capone can shoot whiskey out of his fingers or something.

That actually might not be far off. The film, which Trank is also writing, will focus on Capone’s last days, stuck in prison and dealing with dementia and bad memories. Maybe one of those crazy spoiled mind journeys involves whiskey-shooting fingers. Who knows? The movie is going with the title Fonzo, after all. Could go either way.

We will keep a close eye on Fonzo as it develops. Unless we learn it has no whiskey finger action, at which point, we will pretend the film does not exist.