SPOILERS: Sounds Like Another Familiar Face May Be Coming Back For ALIEN: COVENANT

This post probably contains ALIEN: COVENANT spoilers.

Third and final warning: this post probably contains spoilers for next year's Alien: Covenant. You've been heavily warned.

According to a story that broke this weekend over at AVP Galaxy, another familiar face from Prometheus will be returning for next year's Alien: Covenant. Any guesses?

We have learnt that Guy Pearce will be reprising his role as a slightly younger Peter Weyland during the film’s opening scenes. The current edit of Alien: Covenant begins with David 8 being brought online in a large white room with a grand view overlooking an ocean.

A younger, but still somewhat aged, Weyland asks David various questions to test him. We eventually move to David performing Richard Wagner’s "Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla", explaining the meaning of the piece as he plays.

So this is ... unexpected, right? Obviously we already knew that Alien: Covenant was bringing back Michael Fassbender's David and Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw for more hot Xeno-on-doomed-crew-member action (remember when they were playing it off like Rapace wasn't coming back? Good times), but Pearce coming back is a total surprise to me. 

Speaking of: this is the second notable Alien: Covenant spoiler-dump AVP Galaxy has dropped at our feet lately, following last week's surprisingly-detailed report about the film's new Xeno presence. That story seemed to be somewhat confirmed by another leak which took place on Friday, wherein a number of sensitive Alien: Covenant creature photos made their way online, which makes me think that a) AVP Galaxy's information is on point, and b) that Alien: Covenant has an increasingly-serious leak problem.

Anyway, as Birth.Movies.Death.'s resident Alien fanatic, I'm keeping a close eye on all of this. Stay tuned for more updates as they roll in, and hit me with your thoughts on Guy Pearce's return in the comments below. You feeling that or nah?