You Can (And Should) Watch BEFORE THE FLOOD Online, For Free, Right Here, Right Now

Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio made a climate change documentary. You need to see it.

Leonardo DiCaprio's a man of many passions, but very few of them seem to rank as high as his passion for speaking out about climate change. It's something DiCaprio's been drawing attention to for years, and it's probably something he'll be speaking about ten years from now. Dude just lives and breathes this stuff.

As you've probably heard, the actor recently produced and starred in a documentary about climate change, Fisher Stevens' Before The Flood. Featuring DiCaprio, a number of world leaders, and a soundtrack from Mogwai and the dynamic duo of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, this has been one of our most anticipated documentaries of the year ... and now the good folks at National Geographic have gone ahead and made the thing available to everyone - online and totally for free.

You can watch the entire film below. Don't have 90 minutes to spare right now? Bookmark this page for later and revisit once you're off work and back home. By all accounts, this is an excellent and important piece of filmmaking, and concerns something I'm sure we could all stand to be a bit more educated about.

If you've already watched Before The Flood, feel free to sound off with your thoughts on the film below. I'll be giving this one a whirl once today's news dries up (I'll also probably be purchasing the soundtrack, for obvious reasons).