You Won’t Believe This, But Stallone’s ESCAPE PLAN Is Getting A Stallone Sequel

Don’t either of you get your hopes up too high.

In news I absolutely did not expect to report when I woke up this lovely Halloween morning, Deadline claims there is going to be a sequel to 2013’s Escape Plan. You know, that prison escape movie staring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger? Yes, that really happened. No, it wasn’t as good as it sounded.

Not that it was awful. It was okay! For all the bland, b-level stuff going on in Escape Plan, it could boast one very special attribute keeping it from being a total bore: Arnold Schwarzenegger. The guy brought his best to that role and made his scenes a blast.

And of course he’s not returning for the sequel. Surprisingly, Stallone will return but only in a supporting role. The film will be written by the same team that wrote the original, and this one will have a big Chinese component since they were sort of more into the original film than we were. I imagine that means Stallone will teach his prison escape ways to some young martial artist whipper-snapper. Like I’m not going to watch that.

Production for this begins in March, so get ready.