Report: Christopher Nolan’s DUNKIRK Will Open Early On 35MM And 70MM

Film purists and Nolan fanboys, rejoice.

According to a new report at Indie Revolver, Christopher Nolan - director of The Dark Knight, Interstellar, known film-versus-digital enthusiast - plans to roll out next summer's Dunkirk two days early in theaters capable of screening the film in 35mm and 70mm.

Here's what they're saying:

Back in August Warner Bros announced that Christopher Nolan’s upcoming WWII epic Dunkirk would be released on July 21st  2017, but a source with knowledge of the release has revealed to me that Nolan and Warner Bros are planning to reward theaters who have the ability to project film (and fans who enjoy seeing it that way) by releasing the film two days early on July 19th.

This, you'll recall, is basically the same strategy that Nolan applied to Interstellar when it hit theaters back in 2014 (it's also the similar to the rollout Quentin Tarantino used on last year's The Hateful Eight). If you were living in an area that screened either of those films early thanks to a local theater dedicated to keeping film alive - an Alamo Drafthouse, for instance - then it's probably safe to assume that you'll also get an early peek at Dunkirk

That also assumes Indie Revolver's source is correct, of course, but they're a reliable bunch and the report itself isn't that hard to believe. You can read more about the situation over there, or you can head on down to the comments to debate whether or not Dunkirk will really look better on 70mm than 4K digital (note: it will).