Matt Dillon To Kill People For Lars Von Trier

This movie is bound to be a barrel of laughs.

It’s about time for a new Lars von Trier movie, and the director has a real doozy lined up for us with The House that Jack Built, which just nabbed Matt Dillon as a lead.

Dillon will play Jack, a serial killer (but not Jack the Ripper, apparently) who sees each of his murders as a work of art. The film follows his career over the course of twelve years from his point of view. Bruno Ganz has also been cast as a mysterious character named Verge who frequently converses with Jack about all that killing he’s been up to. I don’t know if he’s a figment of Jack’s imagination or what.

In any case, The House that Jack Built already sounds like the feel good movie of whatever year it comes out. It will be nice seeing Dillon get another showcase role, that’s for sure. The guy’s great, but he hasn’t been in many high profile projects lately. I’m excited to see what Lars von Trier does with him. Or to him.