Dan Stevens to Melt Faces, Ignite Libidos in Gareth Evans’ APOSTLE

The director of THE RAID got him a man who can do both for his latest bone-cruncher.

Yesterday, it was announced that Gareth Evans was returning to the arena of face-melting with his Raid 2 follow-up, Apostle. Now, Variety is reporting that blue-eyed “probably should be Bond after Craig but won’t” star of The Guest, Dan Stevens, is going to lead Evans’ tale of a “mysterious man who travels to a remote island in search of his missing sister”. No stranger to weirdo genre mash-ups, I’m assuming Stevens’ character will be doing battle with a “religious cult who is demanding ransom for her return." Something tells me that demand is going to be paid solely in ice-cold mean mugs and a metric fuck-ton of large caliber bloodshed.

It’s a great time to be a Stevens Swooner (registered trademark, though you can steal that jawn, IDGAF). His turn as the titular monster in Bill Condon’s adaptation of Beauty and the Beast looks particularly hairy and fit for fans of beautifully art directed werewolf porn. And just wait until you guys see him in Nacho Vigalondo’s 2016 Fantastic Fest fave, Colossal. Beyond being easy on the eyes, the guy’s got a knack for choosing intriguing projects, and it’s going to be fun witnessing how much bodily damage Evans both allows him to inflict and inflicts on him.