Oliver Assayas Recruits Sylvester Stallone, Rachel Weisz and Robert Pattinson For IDOL’S EYE

But Robert DeNiro’s out!

After its financing fell through in 2014, the future seemed uncertain for Olivier Assayas' heist film Idol’s Eye, about a petty thief unknowingly stealing a blue diamond from Tony “Big Tuna” Accardo. Now it’s back on, set to go into production in early 2017 with interest from new investors and a trio of great actors in tow: Sylvester Stallone, Rachel Weisz and Robert Pattinson.

Robert DeNiro was at one point set to play the real life mob boss, but given that he’ll soon be busy with Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, Stallone seems like the only other choice. Not because there aren’t other great Italian-American actors out there, but because Accardo looks kind of like a cross between the Rocky and Raging Bull actors:

I’m not crazy, right? You know who is crazy, though? The thief played by Robert Pattinson! You don’t just go stealing blue diamonds from a guy nicknamed “Joe Batters,” bringing mob vengeance upon you while you're trying to stay ahead of the FBI! Anyway, that’s reportedly the plot of Idol's Eye, and given the success of Assayas’ genre experiment Personal Shopper, I can’t wait to see how it turns out.