The New WONDER WOMAN Trailer Kicks Ass

This movie could save the DC Universe.

June is still a ways away, and all the DCEU news we’re currently dealing with is pretty disheartening. Not as disheartening as this election season of course, but the new Wonder Woman trailer feels like a pretty great antidote for the both of them. See for yourself:


It’s great to see Wonder Woman marketed not just as a warrior, but as a protector. The film seems to use the modern day as a framing device, a retrospective on some of our darkest times, in this case The Great War. And while I’m not sure how you can avoid a downer ending when it’s already established that Diana went into hiding because humanity is terrible (what was she doing during World War II?), this trailer packs enough “Oomph” and enough spectacular, fist-pumping moments that I have a feeling it’ll get by. Ah, those bracelets.

Wonder Woman arrives June 2nd, 2017. DC is zero-for-three at the moment, but it’s hard not to have at least a little faith in this one.