Adam Driver and Rooney Mara to Star in Future Film Twitter Love Object ANNETTE for Leos Carax

Two art house heartthrobs join the HOLY MOTORS auteur's English language debut.

Holy Motors is one of those movies you could easily label “best of the year/decade/all-time” without ever really feeling like you’ve transformed into a Hyperbole Robot. It’s the work of a singular artist; utilizing the medium he adores in order to swim through an ocean of grief and despair, while still retaining a sense of side-splitting humor and the ability to explode into life-affirming musical numbers (our own Film Crit Hulk wrote quite the analysis at Fantastic Fest ’12). When taken as a piece of Leos Carax’s entire oeuvre, it becomes clear that you’re witnessing the apex of a genius’ body of work; a culmination of nearly thirty years of art house auteurism*.

Now, Carax is set to make his English language debut, Annette, and is bringing along two stars that have alternated between being independent heartthrobs and big budget marquee players. According to Variety, Adam Driver (who has worked with everyone from Jim Jarmusch to Jeff Nichols to JJ Abrams) and Rooney Mara (co-star of Film Twitter fap object, Carol) are set to play lovers in a musical drama, all set to original songs by art-rock duo The Sparks. Little else is known about the project at this time, outside of the fact that many key behind the scenes crew will be folks Carax worked with previously on Holy Motors.

Regardless of your primary cinematic proclivities, it’s hard to not get excited about a bona fide visionary like Carax stepping behind the camera once again. Whether you love super hero serials or Sirkian melodramas, his movies are so punch drunk in love with cinema that there’s almost certainly something contained within his movies’ runtimes for everyone. And God be with Film Twitter, who will probably grade this movie a “10/10, will watch again” without having seen a single frame, thanks to the talent involved.

*If you’ve never seen Lovers on the Bridge, do seek it out, as the film’s nearly as breathtaking as Holy Motors.