Composer Podcast: Rob Simonsen Scores NERVE

Rob Simsonen has got some NERVE and you'll love it.

We’re back with another Lakeshore Records Podcast hosted by Tony Giles of The Damn Fine Cast. This time we’ve got Rob Simonsen at the microphone talking about his deliciously seductive score for Nerve which came out earlier this summer.

There has been a resurgence of vintage synth music in the cinema the last several years but none may be as intoxicating as Simonsen’s latest score. It’s rooted in the nostalgia of 80’s ear synthesizer technology, yet is alarmingly fresh, inventive, and one of the more creative scores I’ve heard this year.

For more information about the album check it out here.

These podcasts are always a treat so sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest composer podcast if you’ve got the Nerve!