Here’s The Eye-Popping Trailer For SUSPIRIA’s 4K Re-Release

Which, it should be noted, is not currently scheduled to hit the States.

Fresh of the news that Suspiria star Jessica Harper will be appearing in Amazon Studios' 2017 remake comes the following, equally-unexpected development: Dario Argento's original has been given a stunning 4K restoration and will be screening - for two nights only! - over in Italy. 

It's even got a trailer. Look:

According to Variety:

The 1977 classic by director Dario Argento will be shown in theaters as a special event Jan. 30 through Feb. 1 in a joint venture between Rome-based studio Videa, which owns Italian rights to the film, and Milan-based entertainment marketing company QMI, which is experimenting with event releases in Italy. The movie is being restored in 4K resolution; a restored Italian trailer has already gone viral.

“I can’t wait to see it at the movies again with all the young people who will see it for the first time,” Argento said in a statement.

While there are currently no plans to bring the newly-restored Suspiria over to the States, Variety does point out that the film is "expected to preem internationally in the Berlinale Classics section at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival", so there's hope yet.

And come on: they didn't go to all the trouble of restoring this thing just to keep it a secret. My guess is we'll get a chance to see it eventually, either via a limited theatrical re-release (I BET I CAN GUESS WHICH THEATER CHAIN MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN PROGRAMMING IT) or an updated Blu-ray release.

Either way, we'll be there.