MR. ROBOT Guy To Play Freddy Mercury, Possibly For Bryan Singer

Rami Malek is hitting the big time, but can he hit the high notes?

The idea of a Freddy Mercury biopic has always seemed weird to me. The guy certainly led an interesting life, but movie interesting? No one asked me, but I’d be more interested in the story of crazy genius Brian May.

But I’m not in charge, and this long in development project keeps kicking. Now, according to Variety, Mr. Robot actor Rami Malek has joined the film as Mercury. And, possibly even more interesting, Bryan Singer is in talks to direct the film.

Once upon a time, this was to star Sacha Baron Cohen, and was something I was very interested in seeing. I’m cooler on this particular lineup, but no less curious about what kind of things a Freddy Mercury biopic focuses on. I’m also eager to hear Malek try to imitate that amazing singing voice.