Now That Production Has Ended, JUSTICE LEAGUE Casts Ciaran Hinds As Its Villain

If you squint, you might be able to recognize the actor.

We already know Steppenwolf will be the big bad in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Justice League movie. We even kind of already know what he looks like thanks to a deleted scene. But until today, we didn’t know who was going to play him, or if an actor would even play him at all.

According to The Wrap, that honor will fall to Ciaran Hinds, who plays the character as a motion capture performance, which means we’ll have to try extra hard to see the Hinds of it, kind of like we do with Josh Brolin’s Thanos.

This also means the Steppenwolf we all know and love from a BvS deleted scene will have to change a bit. But I doubt anyone will cry over that spilled milk. This, of course, is a huge step up from whatever handy janitor they used to motion capture Doomsday.

Believe it or not, this movie comes out in just over a year. Unless the whole world blows up between now and then. Which could totally happen.