Max Landis Will Write And Direct The AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON Remake

"I see a bad moon rising..."

Birth.Movies.Death. readership, take a knee.

Max Landis will write and direct a remake of American Werewolf in London, following the footsteps of his father John Landis, who directed the 1981 original.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and cohort David Albert, who exec produce the AMC television show, are to produce the remake, which is set up at Universal.

That's The Hollywood Reporter, confirming the rumor we reported on back in August: that Max Landis would write and direct an American Werewolf In London remake for Universal. This news about The Walking Dead's creative leadership being involved is new, but the rest is just as we suspected.

This is usually the part where I do my little song and dance about how remakes shouldn't matter, how they don't erase the existence of originals, how it's possible - unlikely, but still possible - that a remake might actually improve upon an original. In short, this is where I usually stick the paragraph designed to make you, the Birth.Movies.Death. reader, feel better about whatever shovelful of horseshit I have just laid at your feet. This post does not contain such a paragraph.

No word on when this new American Werewolf will go into production, who might be in it, or when we can expect it to land in theaters. All of that information will arrive another day, and will be ours to worry about then. Now is a time for finding acceptance. Please begin that journey in the comments below.