Rejoice: Michael Giacchino Will Score SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

Yes, please.

Those of you who caught Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange this weekend (and you really, really should've caught Doctor Strange this weekend; it rules) may have noticed the film's excellent score, which sounds completely unlike any of the scores we've heard so far in the MCU.

The score, composed by Michael Giacchino (LOST, Inside Out, JJ Abrams' Star Trek series), wasn't excellent only because it felt so fresh, but let's be honest: that certainly didn't hurt.

And if you liked what Giacchino did there, you'll probably be excited to learn this:

Yes, Giacchino has signed on to score Jon Watts' upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, which arrives ... holy crap, in less than a year! July 7th, 2017, to be precise. That's gonna be here before we know it! 

There's very little to report here beyond the fact that Giacchino's onboard, but we think that's reason enough to celebrate. If you're feeling it as much as we are, feel free to celebrate along with us in the comments. Post your favorite pieces of Giacchino score down there, should you be moved to do so. I'll start off with one of my favorite