This New GHOST IN THE SHELL Footage Looks Kind Of MATRIX-y

In which Rupert Sanders' live-action adaptation continues to look badass.

Rupert Sanders' live-action Ghost In The Shell adaptation got off to something of a rocky start, and it may yet infuriate more people on its way into theaters. But for now, all we have to go on are a number of incredibly-brief clips from the film, which continue to roll in from the movie's official Twitter account.

A few weeks ago, the account dropped a bunch of 10-15 second super-teasers on us, all of which were very cool ... and all of which were almost immediately edited into something more closely resembling an actual teaser by someone on YouTube. Here's what that looked like in action:

I freely admit to knowing next to nothing about the original Ghost In The Shell (it's anime, right? Well, I'm out), but my official position on this footage is that it is extremely badass and I would like to see more of it, thank you. Lucky for me, then, that the Ghost In The Shell Twitter account just dropped this mysterious new teaser on us:

No idea what might be happening in Tokyo on the 13th (maybe whatever it is will result in us getting a full trailer!), but let's not worry about that right now. Let's instead focus on how cool this thing looks. The Matrix-y vibe I'm getting from all the released footage really works for me; I'm sorta stunned to find myself in a position of looking forward to a live-action anime adaptation. Hell, if this keeps up, I might even talk myself into watching the original.

Ghost In The Shell fans: what do you make of all this? As an outsider, I'm loving it, but I'm curious where you guys stand. Sound off in the comments below.