Let’s Get To Work

Because the world just got dark.

No bullshit. No mitigation. No thumbing around the issue.

A sexist, racist demagogue has risen to the most powerful position on earth. He is a person whose entire career has been defined by a pathological need of attention and a purely selfish pursuit of greed. He is a person who has mocked every single conceivable group, from the disabled to veterans, ran on an open platform of fear, encouraged violence, and threatened to deport an entire religion. He has been accused of sexually harassing women in the double digit figures, openly bragged about such behavior, and has settled over accusations of worse in the past. He is also a naked stooge of an increasingly totalitarian Russia. He is someone that, if World War 3 broke out, would side with the axis of evil. He is someone who has openly and casually said he would use nuclear weapons and remove disarmament treaties without even thinking of the basic logical ramifications. He is someone who now has the backing of congress. He is someone who is passionately supported by an ex KKK grandwizard. He also has the support of mostly white people who apparently think this is all okay. He is the former host of Celebrity Apprentice. And he is someone who has control of our nuclear arsenal.

I hate the rhetoric of elections precisely because they perversely gamify something that is too important. They turn basic moral questions into games of math and regional strife. They feed off talking points and celebrity impersonations and a candidate's ups and downs of "performance." But never feed off the basic, constant, dutiful discussion of morality itself. And so our elections replace "what" and "why" with the prognostication of "who" and "when."

Now we are left in the ashes of the game. 

Here are the following things that are in obvious jeopardy: the balance of the supreme court, Roe. Vs. Wade, protective legislation for women and minority groups, the right to health care, the stark realization that I will probably never be able to get health insurance again, any hope of legislation for climate change, critical changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act, fair policies and standards of immigration, the large scale funding of collegiate research and scientific pursuits, basic human rights, our continued standing with the free world, and the literal safety of the citizens of the United States... This is not hysteria. This is just scratching the surface. You could list hundreds of issues in jeopardy that are equally important. But these are the stakes. Things that are not just about left or right, but things that are essential to the heart of being a free American citizen.

I have no solace to offer. No words of hope. Anything I can come up with have already been dashed by the promises of the sexist, racist demagogue who, again, has risen to the most powerful position on Earth. And it just makes me fucking terrified. Nobody is going to make this go away. We simply have to stare at the audacity of this despair with unflinching eyes. Because we are going to need to fight for every single one of these fragile supposed-to-be-givens as if they are the personal issue we most care about.

This doesn't take patience. This takes presence.

This takes your effort. This takes rolling up your sleeves when you'd rather do other things. This takes listening to people when they tell you something scares them. This takes compassion. This takes being relentless. This takes working endless channels of influence. This takes appealing to Republican lawmakers who are uneasy with this Trumpian bargain, but need to hear from you in order to feel emboldened. This takes writing your local leaders. This takes demonstration. This takes donating to active programs (It Gets Better, RAINN, Planned Parenthood). This takes massive volunteering, especially in all the areas that are going to be hit hardest: after-school programs, food kitchens, LGBT hotlines, homeless shelters veterans offices, and many more. This takes everything. This takes your time. This takes your best self. This takes you.

So let's get to work.