Ben Wheatley’s FREE FIRE Gets A Cool New Poster

You have to click through for the poster.

Hey! Did you forget - perhaps with all the other new movies and disastrous, soul-crushing political catastrophes going on - that Ben Wheatley's still got a new film headed our way? Understandable! It's been a month or two since we heard anything on the Free Fire front, but today we got something new to gawk at.

Behold, a new Free Fire one-sheet, as posted to Ben Wheatley's Twitter feed only moments ago.

Pretty snazzy! You got some arms, some guns, a reminder that Brie Larson (known around these parts as "Fuck Yeah Brie Larson") is in this movie - everything but a release date. We're still not entirely sure when Free Fire's gonna land on us here in the States, but rest assured that we will upate you as soon as we know more. 

In the meantime, please name your favorite Wheatley joint in the space provided below (answer key: it should be Kill List).