New COLLATERAL BEAUTY Trailer Gives Film Another Chance To Not Look Ridiculous

Good luck with that, movie!

My spidey-sense tells me Collateral Beauty could be our next Winter’s Tale - a well-meaning but hysterically silly drama that features Will Smith. It definitely looked that way when the first trailer hit. And nothing’s really changed by this new one:

So yes, Will Smith is a grieving guy whose pals (and I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a twist or what) make him think he’s being visited by human personifications of Death, Love and Time. In other words, they get him to heal by making him question his very sanity. Then when he opens up to them for advice, they’re like “Hey man, I don’t know.”

Good friends! I assume Smith ends up getting his shit together and all the actors hired to play Death, Love and Time remain life-long pals with him (in character) just because he’s such a nice guy. The end.

Collateral Beauty comes out December 16.