Marvel’s THE INHUMANS To Now Be A TV Show

Premiering on IMAX, like all good TV shows.

Well, everyone out there who ever said “I’ll be dead and eaten by maggots long before they ever make an Inhumans movie”, you were correct. How does it feel? You’ll eventually be dead and eaten by maggots either way, but at least you get to go to your grave finally being right about something.

Yep. Marvel is not going to make that Inhumans movie after all. Which isn’t saying much, since after announcing it, they hardly seemed enthusiastic about the whole thing. But Marvel isn’t done with The Inhumans all together. Instead it will now be a TV show.

But that’s not all! The first two episodes of the series will run for two weeks in IMAX theaters. So you tell me, Mr. Maggot Death. If it’s two hours long and you can watch it in theaters, maybe you weren’t so right after all? Shows you!

As far as I know, and that isn’t very far to be honest, The Inhumans are a bunch of goofballs who get magic powers from some fog. Their action varies, which makes them a lot like mutants. But they aren’t mutants. They are magic fog people. Get it right.

The show won’t be a Netflix thing but rather an ABC joint. That’s about all anyone knows about the show itself. Nevertheless, you can look forward to it September 2017.