PATRIOTS DAY Trailer: Mark Wahlberg And Peter Berg Get Back At It

If nothing else, this has a great cast going for it.

The new trailer for Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg’s latest “based on a true story” movie Patriots Day certainly isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel but has some chills to it nevertheless:

The film’s first trailer spent a lot more time setting up the premise. This one offers more info on what the film’s structure will actually entail. It looks like the infamous Boston Marathon bombing happens early and the rest of the film will follow the aftermath and investigation, some of which really does seem interesting, though I’m not sure how Mark Wahlberg’s character gets to be involved with so much of it.

But look at that cast! Wahlberg’s there, sure. But you also have Kevin Bacon, Michelle Monaghan, J.K. Simmons and a slim John Goodman. If the mostly positive reviews of Deepwater Horizon are any indication, Berg’s getting really good at this sort of thing, and it’ll be interesting to see which awful moment in American history he and Wahlberg will tackle next.