WESTWORLD Discussion: 107 “Trompe L’Oeil”

“We’re in the golden age of television!”

I guess the robots on Westworld are sort of like humans, and I guess the humans on Westworld are sort of like robots. So if some of them die and some of them live, who cares? I don’t want to get into a philosophical discussion, but when my toaster stops working I just go to Target.

A lot of clues were handed out this week along with one big bombshell, but I don’t really care too much because I like shows that tell you what the stakes are upfront rather than make them all a mystery. *Spoilers* Finding out that Bernard is a robot changes the way I view the guy, but I’d have to re-watch six episodes of the show to see how, exactly. And there’s no way I’m doing that. If you think that’s a real asshole stance, let me know in the comments.

Along with that, you can suss out your feelings about the seventh (seventh!) episode of Westworld below. Hopefully, one of you can tell me why this is a show worth watching beside the fact that it looks pretty, has Clifton Collins Jr. and sports a great score.