Amblin Will Bring The Very Sad-Sounding Graphic Novel DAN AND SAM To The Screen

This sounds like it's gonna be something of an emotional roller coaster.

Any time Amblin Entertainment announces a project, we're excited. They've got the track record and the talent to pull off some truly outstanding work, and generally that work comes pre-packaged with an emotional punch. 

Which brings us to this: according to the Hollywood Reporter, Amblin has just snapped up the rights to Mark Watson and Oliver Harud's graphic novel, Dan And Sam. Playwright Ana Nogueira will write the screenplay. 

So, what's Dan And Sam about? Just try reading this description without choking up:

Dan and Sam is a supernatural romance about a young couple who have it all, until the woman, Sam, dies unexpectedly. Dan, however, discovers that love transcends the physical world when Sam is allowed to visit him one night a year…But there’s a catch: it’s only until he falls in love again.

Jesus Christ. I'm already destroyed by this movie and it's not even a movie yet. Thanks, Amblin!

Right now there's nothing further to report, but we'll be keeping an eye on this one as it makes its way through production. I'm curious if anyone amongst the Birth.Movies.Death. readership has read Dan And Sam, and if so, how many boxes of Kleenex do I need to bring to the theater with me?