Sounds Like DON’T BREATHE May Be Getting A Sequel

Fede Alvarez wants to get the band back together.

Fede Alvarez' Don't Breathe cost $10M to make and raked in $150M worldwide, so really it was only a matter of time before someone suggested making a sequel. Today's the day!

While speaking to the folks over at Coming Soon in anticipation of Don't Breathe's Blu-ray release, director Fede Alvarez and producer Rodo Sayagues confirmed that a sequel is being assembled, though they're not being very forthcoming with plot details at the moment.

Honestly, do we even need to hear them? You'll recall that Don't Breathe ends with Stephen Lang's Blind Man hot on the trail of Jane Levy's Rocky, who survives the ordeal of the first film to finally escape town with her little sister. Knowing that, you know damn well what Don't Breathe 2's going to be: the Blind Man will arrive on Rocky's doorstep and terrorize her again, probably within her own home or in, I dunno, an abandoned warehouse or something. Because Fede Alvarez plans to write and direct, there will likely be an unnecessary sexual assault or two.

Speaking of which: Alvarez is currently working on The Girl In The Spider's Web, the next film to be based on the Lisbeth Salander/Mikel Blomkvist characters introduced in Stieg Larsson's Millenium Trilogy (note: Spider's Web is actually a spin-off from that trilogy, written by David Lagercrantz). 

No further details at this time (both of these projects are a ways off, and Don't Breathe 2's not even greenlit yet), but we'll let you know when we hear more.