Michael Bay Offers Us Our First Glimpse At TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT’s Medieval Action

Michael Bay fucking loves IMAX cameras.

Ostensibly, the following featurette - put together by the fine folks at Paramount and IMAX - is designed to show off some of the bleeding-edge IMAX technology director Michael Bay will be using to bring Transformers: The Last Knight to life.

My suspicion, however, is that this is all an elaborate ruse meant to prove that Michael Bay really has been inside a library.

In addition to proving that Michael Bay has, in fact, been within reaching distance of several books, the clip also gives us our first real look at the medieval action which will now play a part in the Transformers franchise's rich and compelling mythology. You got your Stonehenge, you got your guys wearing suits of armor, you've got your guys on horseback galloping around in IMAX 3D slo-motion. Yup, everything's adding up. 

Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth film in a series of films that someone out there is legitimately crazy about, will arrive on June 23rd. You will buy a ticket, planning to see the film specifically to mock it, only to find yourself bored senseless twenty minutes into its nearly three-hour runtime. You will swear never to make this mistake again, but you will be quick to forget, and when Transformers 6 arrives, you will line up and ask for more. This cycle will carry you through the rest of your life, through times both good and bad, and in the end - as you lie trembling on your death bed in an empty room - you will find yourself wondering when the next one comes out just as the light leaves your eyes forever.