Steve Carell May Be Starring In The MINECRAFT Movie

Brick does blocks.

Rob McElhenney's Minecraft movie is moving full steam ahead, and now it's starting to pick up cast members.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Steve Carell is in talks to be the first cast member signed to the film, with an aim towards building out an "ensemble".

There's literally nothing else to report about the Minecraft movie at this time. We know it arrives in 2019, we know that McElhenney wants an ensemble, we know that Steve Carell may be a part of that ensemble.

Y'know, I suppose that - in a sense - we know just about as much about the Minecraft movie as we did when I started writing this post. I mean, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not even sure this information was worth writing up. But you know how these things go: you've gotta keep the content a-flowing if you wanna keep the lights on! And at this stage in the day, there's no telling how much news there'll be to report. For all we know, this is the most interesting thing that'll happen all afternoon, so we may as well toss this log on the fire.

Maybe it'll kick off a lengthy and interesting discussion in the comments about the wonders of Minecraft, or the noted douchebaggery of its creator, Notch Perrson, a man who - among other things - has shown no small amount of interest in amassing the world's largest trilby collection. Maybe we'll talk about how McElhenney's an interesting choice for this gig, and how likely it is or isn't that Minecraft will be invested with some of the gonzo humor McElhenney has delivered on It's Always Sunny over the years. Maybe (hopefully!) it'll get buried under a bunch of far more interesting news, and this is just a bit of filler to kick off our day. Maybe we're all just wasting our time and none of this means anything. I mean, what even is a Minecraft? Who can say?

Anyway, Steve Carell might be in the Minecraft movie. Now you know.