Wanna Learn Some Spoiler-y Details About The Characters In STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII?

Of course you do.

The good folks over at Making Star Wars have a new post up today, one which provides a few interesting details about a trio of new characters set to appear in Rian Johnson's as-yet-untitled Star Wars: Episode VIII ... namely, details about the characters being played by Benicio del Toro, Laura Dern and Kelly Marie Tran.

For starters, they're describing Benicio del Toro's character as "a classic 'man in black'", both literally and figuratively. According to their report, del Toro's character is a dangerous rogue-type (there seems to be some confusion on everyone's part as to whether or not he'll be playing a hero or a villain, so we're guessing it's something in between), and may have a connection to the "casino set" Making Star Wars reported on some time ago. This is the first I'm hearing of a casino in the Star Wars universe, and lemme tell ya: that sounds awesome.

Secondly, they're describing Laura Dern's character as "very aristocratic and fancy", with elaborate costumes and an ornate hairstyle. They're also calling her character "the most bombastic of the new characters", which sounds like an interesting combination with "aristocratic". On a final note, Making Star Wars also claims that Dern's character will have pink hair. I'm picturing Effie Trinket by way of Queen Amidala.

Finally, Making Star Wars is a little more tight-lipped on the details surrounding Kelly Marie Tran's character, but does note that she shares a story with Finn, and that the two are "tangled up" together somehow (there've been rumors that Tran's character might be a love interest for John Boyega's Finn, but honestly: who knows?). The report goes on to say that Tran's character is "just very normal looking but her situation is supposedly really cool", so ... do with that fountain of information what you will.

Before we wrap up, I would like to add that the Birth.Movies.Death. crew remains in the dark about which character BMD contributor Noah Segan will be playing in Episode VIII. We have done everything in our power to drag this information out of him (you don't even wanna know what Phil's "enhanced interrogation techniques" entail), but he has stood firm in his refusal to break what I'm sure is a very insignificant NDA. If you know anything about Noah's role in the film, please contact us, post-haste.

That does it for now, folks, but stay tuned for more on Episode VIII as the days, weeks and months between us and its release fly by.