Jennifer Lawrence Goes Zero-G Swimming In The First PASSENGERS Clip

Huh. You don't often see someone almost drowning in a spaceship.

Below, we've got a brand-new clip from Morten Tyldum's Passengers, the sci-fi romance starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence hitting theaters next month. It's pretty cool! 

Check it out.

On the one hand: call my cynical, but did the first clip from this movie really need to revolve around Jennifer Lawrence in a bikini?

On the other hand: this is a really cool-looking sequence. I love the detail of that "bubble" extending the pool out from the ship and into space, and I love how surreal things get when the gravity shuts down. This movie's probably gonna be pretty sharp-looking!

Marketing for Passengers is playing the film's big twist close to the vest. If you don't already know about it, I strongly suggest you walk in cold, without seeking out any further information. We can all meet back here and discuss once we've seen it.

Passengers arrives on December 21st. You guys gonna check it out or what?